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Quality Certifications    

NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.LTD ISO Certification NO: 117 13 QU 0079-10 ROS

All operations at KLS are ISO certified, including order entry, customer service, receiving, picking, shipping, purchasing and inventory. ensure KLS's long-term commitment to continuous improvements.

Product safety guaranteed
80% of KLS's products also pass one or more safety certifications, including UL, CE, CSA, VDE, TUV and CQC.

Protecting the environment and keeping the earth green
KLS has established thorough quality environment management system which has been granted, all the products have been authorized by RoHS,Some products have been authorized by REACH.

As environment protection awareness rises, keeping the earth green is not only a person issue not only an individual concern but also every company responsibility.

Since 2002, all raw materials that KLS factory uses are compliant RoHS. Ranges of products meet REACH. All the raw materials have been carefully examined before entering the KLS production lines.Every procedure and process that a product goes through meets local environmental standards. KLS takes action to be a green factory and KLS is a green partner with many global companies.
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