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Wire to board connectors & Wire to wire connectors Male pin header connetors & Mini jumper connectors Female header connectors Box header connectors & Ejector header connectors Micro match connectors IDC connectors FFC/FPC connectors IC socket & PLCC socket & ZIF socket connectors D-Sub connectors & D-SUB hood SIM card connectors & Micro SIM card connectors & Nano SIM Card Connectors Memory card connectors M.2 NGFF & PCIE & EDGE card connectors & CF card connectors Smart card connectors USB 3.1 type C connectors USB 3.0 connectors USB 2.0 connectors IEEE 1394 connectors Mini USB connectors Micro USB connectors SATA connectors DVI connectors & HDMI connectors AC power socket connectors & AC power plug connectors Pogo pin connectors SCSI connectors & Centronic connectors High current D-SUB connectors DIN41612 connectors Future bus connectors & Hard metric connectors Board to board connectors

SMA connectors SMB connectors MCX connectors MMCX connectors U.FL*UMCC*I-PEX connectors Fakra connectors F connectors BNC connectors TNC connectors N connectors 1.0/2.3 Connectors 1.6/5.6 Connectors 7/16 (L29) DIN connectors Mini UHF connectors UHF connectors FME connectors D-SUB coaxial connectors (RF)

GPS/Glonass/Compass antennas GSM/CDMA/3G/LTE antennas WIFI/WLAN antennas 4G antennas 433/868/915MHz antennas Combination antennas Dielectric antennas RF cable assemblies

Wago LED light connectors LED terminal blocks Wago terminal blocks Waterproof junction box Waterproof breathable valve LED lighting waterproof connectors & Cables Pluggable connectors Fuse terminal blocks Lamp switch connectors Lamp holders

W13&W17&W21 IP68 waterproof circular connectors M8 IP67 Waterproof circular connectors M12 IP67 Waterproof Connectors American circular connectors Russian circular connectors RD24 IP67 waterproof circular connectors Circular connectors Quick lock B series IP67 waterproof connectors C091 & 581 series miniature circular connectors M20 waterproof connectors

Large current DC jack SMT DC power connectors DIP DC power connectors Power din jack & Plug DC power Plug 2.5mm phone jack audio connectors 3.5mm phone jack audio connectors 6.3mm phone jack audio connectors 2.5mm/3.5mm/6.3mm phone plug audio connectors Mini din connectors*Din connectors RCA jack connectors RCA plug connectors XLR connectors Banana plug connectors*Banana jack connectors Binding post connectors SpeakON connectors Loudspeaker terminals Audio*Video adaptor connectors Audio fiber optical jack

Reflow solder LCP housing terminal blocks PCB terminal block rising clamp PCB terminal block wire protector Pluggable terminal blocks Screwless-spring terminal blocks Barrier terminal blocks Feed through terminal blocks and Box Miniature Rail-mounted terminal blocks Wago MCS connectors Ceramic terminal blocks Din-Rail terminal blocks Insulated terminals Non-insulated terminals Solder terminals for PCB mount

Modular jacks SMT modular jacks Modular jack with LED (no transformer) Modular Jack with transformer Modular plugs SFP/XFP/QSFP connectors Ethernet magnetic transformers CAT5E/CAT6/CAT6A Keystone Jacks IDC wire connectors CAT3 keystone jacks ADSL modular adapter * Telephone jack adapter Wired telephone jacks LSA-PLUS modules Krone IDC block PCB-Plus

SMD PTC resettable fuses DIP PTC resettable fuses Push to reset circuit breakers Gas discharge tube arresters Thermal fuses TVS diode SMD fuses Fuse clips Fuse hloder with cable Auto fuses*Auto fuse holders PCB type fuse holders Panel type fuse holders 3.6*10mm Fuses 4*15mm Fuses 5.2*20mm Fuses 6.3*25mm /6.3*30mm / 6.3*32mm Fuses

Rocker switches Micro switches Tactile switches Water-proof tactile switches DIP switches Toggle switches Push switches Push button switches LED push button switches Slide switches Hook switches Rotary switches*Coding switches Multi-Function switches Detector switches Switch caps Automotive switches

Anderson battery connectors SB SBS SBE type Anderson Powerpole connectors REMA Battery Connectors Multi-Beam power connectors Coin cell holders 18650 Battery holder AA & UM-3 battery holder AAA&UM-4 battery holders Battery connectors SMD battery Connectors

PCB support*PCB spacers Nylon screws nut bushing Snap rivets Cable clamp* Cable tie mounts*Snap bushings Cable ties Rubber foots Cable glands Wiring ducts Cable clips Connector Protection cover

FFC/FPC cables Flat cables Rainbow ribbon cables IDC cable assemblies USB cables Power cords Wire harness LAN cables* Fibre-optic Patch Cables Phone cords SATA cables D-SUB cables * VGA cables SCSI cables Audio/Video adaptor cables XLR audio cables RCA audio cables Mono/Stereo audio cables HDMI cables * DVI cables DC cables S-Video cables

SMD LEDs Character type LCD module Graphic type LCD module LED dot matrix display Single LED numeric display Double LED numeric display Three LED numeric display Four LED numeric display LED digit alphanumeric display LEDs LED indicator light Led spacer support

SMD piezo buzzers Piezo buzzers Piezo transducer buzzers SMD magnetic buzzers Magnetic transducer buzzers Mini microphone Speaker Mechanical buzzers Piezo diaphragms

32.768KHz Crystal units Crystal resonators Crystal oscillators Quartz crystal filter Ceramic resonators Ceramic filter Ceramic discriminators MEMS crystal

Cermet potentiometers Trimmer potentiometers Wire-wound potentiometers Potentiometer knob 10mm Encoder 11mm Encoder 12mm Encoder 16mm Encoder Dimmer potentiometers Rotary potentiometers Ring type Encoder

NTC thermistors resistors PTC thermistors resistors Varistor resistors Network resistor SMD resistors Carbon film fixed resistors Precision metal film fixed resistors Metal oxide film fixed resistors Cement fixed resistors Photosensitive resistors Aluminum housed resistors

LELON capacitors Aluminum electrolytic capacitors Film capacitors Ceramic capacitors

Axial conformal coated inductors Power chokes inductors SMD inductors High current filter chokes inductors Toroidal common mode chokes High frequency transformers Nanocrystalline magnetic cores High precision current transformers Current-voltage current transformers Zero-phase current transformers DC Immune current transformers Adjustable inductors Common mode chokes Beads SMD chip inductors SMD molded wound chip inductor

Energy meter counter Energy meter manganin shunts Energy meter current transformers Energy meter terminal blocks Energy meter casings DIN-rail energy meters Gas meter OEM Russia energy meter

Signal relays Power relays HONGFA Automotive relays Solid State relay Time relay

Bridge rectifiers Diodes-general purpose rectifier Diodes-high efficient rectifier Diodes-fast recovery rectifier Diodes-super fast rectifier Diodes-schottky rectifier Diodes-transient voltage suppressors Zener diode Small signal diode & Switching diode Silicon bidirectional diacs

Channel style heatsink Plug in style heatsink Extruded heatsinks with solder pin Extruded heatsinks with Slide on SMD copper style heatsinks LED lamp radiator

Fans :
DC fans AC fans DC blowers LED fans DC cross flow fan AC cross flow fan Fan accessories

DC gear motors-reduction DC brush motors DC brushless motors DC brushless gear motors-reduction DC stepper motors-reduction DC PM motors Hybrid stepper motors Linear hybrid stepper motors Permanent magnet stepper motors

Waterproof Enclosure with Metal screws Waterproof Enclosures with Plastic Screw Plastic waterproof enclosures 3 Wall-mounting Enclosure Din rail enclosures Handheld enclosures Plastic junction box Plastic case Digital desktop general shell PLC industrial control box Communication network box Desktop instrument shell Door reader housing Monitor shell Drive power housing Push button box Remote control housing Aluminum waterproof enclosures Plastic tool box Aluminum extrusion enclosures

Stainless steel level sensors Side level sensor Proximity sensor Plastic level sensor

Auto cig plug Heat shrinkable tubing PVC insulation tape Security Camera DC Power Connectors & Adapters Solderless breadboard Solderless Jumper Wires Solder Tools Alligator Clips & Crocodile Clips

USB waterproof connectors RJ45 waterproof circular connectors USB waterproof circular connectors D-SUB waterproof connectors IP65 waterproof loudspeaker connectors

TE AMP Automotive Connectors TE Deutsch Automotive Connectors BOSCH Automotive Connectors APTIV Delphi Automotive Connectors JAE Automotive Connectors JST Automotive Connectors Automotive OBD Connectors OEM Automotive Connectors

EV charging connectors HV connector Plastic type HV connector metal type ESS HV connectors HV junction box

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