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Authorized Distributor    

KLS Authorized Distributor Requirement: 
     To purchase the $ 100,000/ year KLS's product,to apply to be joined KLS authorized distributors. 

KLS to the support of the distributors:

  1. Additional resources include KLS’s Product  Catalog, Display samples, Web datasheets, and more.
  2. KLS’s Production Business and Supply Chain Management services are available to help customers get their jobs done and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.
KLS Distributor Evaluation:
KLS gained high marks in  2012  Supplier Interface Study as well,
being named ‘Best in Class’ in the following categories:
•  Broadest Overall Product Selection
•  Parts in Stock Available for Immediate Delivery
•  Data and Product Selection Support
•  Consistent, On-time Delivery
•  E-Commerce/Online Buying
•  Competitive Pricing
•  Ease of Website Navigation
•  Design Support Content on Website

       Authorized Certificate (Not public)

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